Super Substitute Teachers!


Tips and resources specifically for substitute and occasional teachers.

... because ours jobs are so much different from those of a regular classroom teacher ...


Welcome to "Super Substitute Teachers!". This is an interactive website designed specifically to provide tips, resources and support for substitute and occasional teachers. There are many teaching-related websites out there, but this one is different. The job of a substitute teacher comes with it's own unique set of challenges and responsibilities. Resources meant for regular teachers are not always helpful to an occasional teacher. That is why this website was created.


On "Super Substitute Teachers!" you will find useful resources such as free print-outs, ideas for time-filler activities, classroom management strategies, discipline techniques and curriculum-based game ideas. You will also find advice on how to pack a teaching bag, on what to do when there are no plans available, on how to ace a teaching interview and on dealing with the "Second Language Teacher" stigma. There are opportunities for you to post your own resources, tips and ideas, and a place to post questions and answers. Let's use this website to communicate with each other and offer support!