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        The Teaching Interview: Tips and Techniques

                Actual questions used by school boards in their interviews


It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to studying for an upcoming teaching interview. Every school will ask different questions, and every school board has a different focus. The truth is, interviews are stressful! However, everyone goes through them at some point in their lives. If you happen to be a  new teacher trying to find a full time position in a time where student enrolment is down and teachers are a dime a dozen, perhaps you may go through more than your fair share. The best advice; keep you chin up, be confident, and BE PREPARED! This page will hopefully help you with the last bit. Lucky for you, the rest just comes naturally, doesn't it?


Visit the website of the school board for the following information. Know it well.

1        Mission Statement

2        Special Initiatives

3        Boundaries/size of board (Many are far-reaching in distance)


In an teaching interview, you can generally expect to get at least one question from most, if not all, of the following categories.

1        Communication: Written/Verbal (with students, home, office…)

2        Classroom Management: What are your strategies?

3        Discipline: What would you do when...

4        Curriculum: Especially Literacy and Numeracy.

5        Organization: Techniques and Experience.

6        Leadership: Examples and Experience.

7        “What can you tell us about yourself…”

8        “Do you have any questions…?”


Here are some typical questions that are asked in teaching interviews.

* How do you teach to different learning styles?

* How has your experience prepared you for teaching?

* What would you do to create a safe, nurturing learning environment for your students?

* What are your strengths and weaknesses?

* What are some methods of communication in your classroom between students, parents and colleagues?

* What is your teaching philosophy?

* What are you reasons for teaching and your long term goals with respect to elementary education?

* What are your strategies for conflict management?

* What is one experience that you can think of that demonstrates what an excellent teacher you are?

* Describe a time when you feel you truly made a difference in a students life.

* Name a teacher that has had a positive influence on you?

* Reflect on a frustrating teaching moment?

* Describe a best/worst lesson plan and what was good/bad about them

* What is your plan for Balanced Literacy in a classroom?

* How will you prepare your students for grade 3/grade 6 testing?

* Describe your experience working with special education students and differentiated instruction.

* Describe your experience developing and implementing Individual Education Plans (IEPs)


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