Super Substitute Teachers!


        Packing Your Teaching Bag

                What goes into your bag is different depending on the grade level or subject you are going to

                be teaching that day. The following are a few suggestions


The Staples - These can be left in your teaching bag

- A whistle

- An extra sweater or light jacket

- Tylenol or Advil

- Kleenex

- Lifesavers or cough drops

- Extra hair elastics (for those with long hair)

- A healthy lunch with snacks

- Lots of water

- A notebook to jot classroom ideas down in

- Pens and pencils

- A book or magazine to read yourself incase you have downtime (during prep).


Specific to Primary Classrooms

- 2 or 3 great children's books

- Stickers

- Colouring and game sheets (30 of each)

- 1 or 2 Extra Activities -     Consonant Bingo Game

                                             Memory Game

                                             Magic School Bus Video

                                             Tape or CD of Children's Songs

- Small prizes or treats (enough for a typical class size)


Specific to Junior or Intermediate Classrooms

- A book appropriate for the grade level (picture book is ok for grade 4, short stories for 5 and up)

- A couple of different work sheets like crosswords or word searches (30 of each)

- 1 or 2 Extra Activities -     Blank Bingo sheets

                                             Math flash cards

                                             Trivia Questions

- Small prizes or treats (enough for a typical class size)


Specific to High School Classrooms

- Materials for specific subjects you will be covering (ex. clothes for Phys. Ed., apron or old shirt for Art or Home Ec.)

- 1 or 2 Extra Activities -     Word Searches or Crossword Puzzles

                                             Trivia Questions

                                             Riddles, Sudoku, Mind Bogglers


Specific to French or Spanish Teacher Coverage

- A simple children's book in French or Spanish, particularly a translation of a well known English book

- Work sheets in the appropriate second language, like word searches and crosswords (May need up to 90 of each)

- A kid-friendly French or Spanish video or CD for emergencies, and in case there are no plans

- 1 or 2 extra English activities or work sheets for emergencies

- A French or Spanish Dictionary

- Small prizes or treats (enough for a typical class size). This is particularly useful for second language teachers!